The Dentist Freedom Blueprint

Roy H. Williams is the world-renowned Wizard of Ads. It’s a well-deserved title, considering that his marketing insight has been stimulating miraculous growth for small business clients for more than twenty-five years. A major thought leader in marketing, advertising, communication, and business strategies, Roy is also the founder of the Wizard Academy and the author of four books, including 1998's Business Book of the Year, The Wizard of Ads, and the Wall Street Journal's #1 Business Book in America in 1999, Secret Formulas of The Wizard of Ads.

Roy joins the podcast today to share crucial marketing advice that you definitely don’t want to miss. A day of consulting from Roy costs $7,500 if you go to him—and $25,000 if he comes to you!—but I’ve got him here for thirty minutes, and I promise you, it’s worth at least $150,000—if you utilize it. Listen in, and you'll see why.

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